Our Story

As a student of history, I learned the importance of primary source documentation; that the individual should experience and interpret first-hand.

From my career in medical devices, I've been fascinated with technology and clinical outcomes proved out through experimentation and the scientific method.

Over the years I’ve found much joy in art: film, music, painting, architecture and I am extremely grateful to all true artists as they create joy and understanding. I've yearned to contribute.

Through diverse opportunities in life, I have always found pleasure in bringing people together: fraternity, adventure treks, block parties, work functions. Their happiness is my happiness.

Finally, by spending time with family and friends, my love for food and drink continues to expand… but time and resources are limited.

BottleJockey is an itch I had to scratch. In many ways it ‘s the fulfilment of half a lifetime. It is the sum of my pasts. In the words and memory of my father, I raise my glass in friendship and say “de gustibus non disputandum est” (In matters of taste there can be no dispute).

May BottleJockey impact our lives through individual experimentation and communication with others. Until we get the opportunity to clink our glasses together… Cheers!